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Welcome! My name is Crystal and I was inspired to start Vintage Booth Pro when I first began my journey into the vintage booth realm. It quickly became apparent there were minimal resources for me to learn the business side of vintage booths and make my endeavor successful.

Determined to learn more and help others at the same time, I dedicated large chunks of my free time to researching what other successful entrepreneurs had done before me. After sharing a few videos about what has sold in my vintage booth, and how I price certain items, I found an amazing community of people who are willing to share their experiences as well. And that’s how Vintage Booth Pro came to be!

Becoming a Vintage Booth Pro

It takes time to learn how to be a vintage booth pro. That’s where our community comes in. We share tips, tricks, and strategies about how to price items, source new inventory, market your booth, and make a profitable business. Join our amazing community for free! We post daily in our community on Facebook with sales updates, weekly challenges, and pricing research. Get started on Facebook today. 

Our mission is to create a space where vintage booth entrepreneurs can come together, support each other, and make their businesses thrive. Through our collective knowledge and experiences, we can help each other grow and succeed!

Thanks for joining us on this journey to become a Vintage Booth Pro. We look forward to having you as part of our community.


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